Sheppard Software 2020: Is It Suitable For Your Kid?

The internet is packed with games and activities for kids. One site stands apart, despite outdated graphics, as both educational and fun. If you have never found out about Sheppard Software, you may find yourself amazed just how much you get for such a low price … Free!

Likewise, the site works for several age, making the site an advantage for preschool and up.

What is Sheppard Software?

At your child has access to educational games online.

The objective statement listed below shows the companies devotion to teaching a huge selection of subjects to children and every age up.

At their educational website, they have numerous complimentary, online, learning games for kids. But anybody thinking about online learning can utilize our website–.

they have many subjects– (location, mathematics, animals, science,.

language arts, innovative actibities, health) and great deals of levels for all capabilities– loads of video games and activities for students of any age.

Over the last year they’ve had over 20 million visitors.

and over 5 million hours of finding out!

Child-Appropriate Content.

Listed below, we will discuss all of the various subjects, however initially, let’s discuss what the site does not teach.

The website avoids controversial topics entirely and does not attempt to teach your kid anything about their sexuality or recreation at all, which is certainly appreciated, as each parent has a right to select how and when to teach about reproductive health.

Enjoyable and Educational.

The site’s intent is to utilize both visual and audio effects to produce an enjoyable finding out experience children will keep in mind. Of course, we want our kids to keep in mind what they learn, and a site dedicated to memorization deserves an appearance.

Sheppard likewise wishes to develop a level of trouble that keeps the audience while still working out participant’s brains.

Brad Sheppard created the name software application. He started designing educational software application in 1982, consisting of getting 5 United States patents. His creative energy comes from partner Jasmine Chapgar. She designs and creates all of the graphic aspects of the site, and voices the videos too.

What’s on the Website.

What’s not on the website might be a much shorter list! We will cover the classifications in the section listed below.

Layout of the Sheppard Software

First, let’s discuss the site’s design.

The site is meant to be simple to gain access to, but honestly, you could get lost down the little rabbit hole buttons. Off to one side, you will find the top 10 most popular games. The opposite functions new material.

Don’t simply take a look at the bright orange buttons on top and assume you see all of the main options. Keep scrolling to find an abundance of other buttons to click on.

The lower area offers a bit more organized content.

You can find categories sorted by age beginning with preschool and kindergarten, primary through early intermediate school. Next, is middle school to high school followed by college and last, grownups.

Animal tests show up next, but this area is specifically for kids.

Next, you will see reviews prior to ending with a few more video game choices.

No matter where you click, after you finish the activity you are on, you will discover a large variety of new video games to click on to keep you engaged on your chosen subject or even move on to a new subject. A couple of advertisements appear on the side, however nothing over-frustrating or space consuming. The ads never ever interfere with video game play, nor do they appear to slow the video games down.


Like I pointed out previously, there is a large assortment of material on the Sheppard Software website. However here are the significant knowing software classifications:

Sheppard Software Geography– USA & World.

The Sheppard Software states topics focus on calling states and capitals, with varying degrees for 6 levels. The website offers tutorials to assist find out to play very first and minimize confusion.

You need to go to the Sheppard Software World section for location of the continents for the remainder of the world, like Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. It’s organized mainly by continents, but it likewise covers the rest of North America, consisting of Canada. This is where grownups can hop on board for a difficulty. And I indicate a genuine challenge. You might believe you know where Ohio belongs, but you do not.

Once you select a location of focus and click, you have access to brain games which are tiered by levels. Also, a few games target learning more about the entire world and not simply one area.

Sheppard Software Animals.

The bloated animal area should satisfy any cravings for info. The sets of Sheppard Software video games are separated by mammals, birds, fish, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, and a kid’s corner for younger children with more targeted video games.

The animal area differs from the others as there are fewer brain video games, but more information by animal name.

Sheppard Software Language Arts.

This section moves straight into Sheppard Software video games geared towards grammar. Pick from verbs, adjectives, parts of speech, adverbs, capitals, commas, typically confused words, and nouns.

Listed below the children’s video games, a host of other activities appear for students and grownups such as SAT vocab and even medical jargon.

Sheppard Software Health.

Games for the kiddos come first in the health area, including food, nutrition, skeleton, and digestion games. Older audiences can move further down for details on cancer, heart disease, arrhythmia, and physical fitness.

Some of these tests appear a different window and needs enabling pop-ups.

Sheppard Software Science.

The science area does not currently consist of games for adults, focusing rather on games for children. From the deep sea, to animal classification, seasons, life cycles, dinosaurs, and the much-loved Sheppard Software cell video game and Sheppard Software food chain video game.

This section appears to pull video games from other areas to beef it up a little.

Sheppard Software Math.

I’ve never found a way to make math enjoyable, but do not hesitate to attempt these games for kids. In an effort to provide aid in many elements of mathematics, this section is large! Potentially the biggest section of games available on the site.

Start out with standard operations before carrying on to mixed operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, location worths, time, money, geometry, measurements, algebra, integers, estimates, probabilities, ratios, and games.

For some reason, early math video games are not on top however somewhere in the center sandwiched between more mature topics. And attempt the Sheppard Software math man … it’s great!

Sheppard Software Preschool.

The background modifications from white to blue when you click on preschool, as if the developer understands kids are not familiar to white screens. From there, the kids can badger dedicated colors, numbers or alphabet.

Besides games, this location consists of flashcards to assist with reading abilities.

Sheppard Software Brain Games.

Presenting the celebration animal, aka the brain. Try your hand at memory video games, solitaire, puzzles, strategy, word games, and even a few music video games. The most popular (and a lot of fun!) brain video game here is most likely the Sheppard Software mouse trap game.

Ages & Stages.

Preschool: Most of the games on the website center around young children. To make the games much easier to find, the preschool games are up top. All over the place, preschool games pepper the page to assist guide little children back to safe area.

Elementary: Young kid will discover a lot from the site, as the games go up in levels. No matter what section they click, other than the preschool section, they will find a video game targeted to their age level.

Middle School to Adults: A couple of video games target middle and high school trainees, but there’s not near as lots of games for this phase. Grownups and college students might find a couple of devoted subjects in mathematics or language arts to assist enhance a couple of skills, but in general, anybody older than 10 will only use the website for the brain section with the enjoyable non-learning video games.


You can’t find a better rate than absolutely no dollars and zero cents!

However, if you choose to avoid the ads, then you can pay the low price of $36 for a full year of no commercials next to your video games. As I said previously, the advertisements do not get in the way of playing and I don’t understand the need to pay for the ads to go unless your kid will be un-monitored and will accidentally purchase something.

As most software features a few dollar indications, it’s wonderful to find a program with an objective of education with video games.

However, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Well, a tasty one anyways. The greatest negative of Sheppard Software is that the older graphics might not lure a lot of children.

Sheppard Software Requirements.

If you have web, then you can use Sheppard. However, you do require a web internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Safari), as the business has actually not yet produced an app for their product.

Unlike almost every other site on the web, you do not have to develop an account or log in to play. Hallelujah!

They have actually branched off to some other techniques of technology, including YouTube and Facebook.

Sheppard Software has its own YouTube channel with videos for children. I do not see kids spending a great deal of time on this fantastic tool, what with all the kitten videos and vines, but it’s a fantastic tool for schools and mamas who homeschool.

You can’t do much on Facebook, however you can follow the company and learn news in your news feed.

The games on the website do require Flash to work. Some simply need allowing pop-ups. Please make certain you have the most recent Flash Player uploaded and likewise teach your kids how to enable Flash and pop-ups, or you might be walking back to the computer numerous times to allow for each new game.

The Best Sheppard Software Games.

The absolute finest section for preschoolers is the language arts video games. I love the enjoyable noises and the moving graphics. Start with the game Magical Capitals, as its hilarious when you select the wrong response. That fairy has some mindset problems!

Skip the labyrinth games if you are not a client individual. Instead, play the Sheppard Software maps games under USA or World.

If you think you know where all the states, are you may simply get schooled. I made the error of avoiding newbie, intermediate, and specialist and going straight to cartographer, and after that explorer. I learned that I do not called much as I thought I knew, however delighted in doing a horrible task and did far better the next time around.

I tried a few of the Sheppard Software mathematics games and found the balloon pop to be the most fun, although certainly challenging even for older children.

All of the Pac-man design games annoyed me. I much chose the measurement games second to the balloon pop, as these video games were much easier to use– not necessarily easier material– with a friendly format.

The Flaws of Sheppard Software.

Among the most discouraging defects in this software is the main menu changes look with each screen you click on, instead of a dedicated and reliable main menu.

Overall, the presentation on the website is cumbersome and frustrating. The graphics might have been amazing back in 2000, and now they seem out-of-date and uncreative.

A more streamlined overhaul would serve the company well. I would love to see the website separated first by age, and then by subject, making it simpler for everyone to discover where they fit faster.

Likewise, the graphics for little children work simply great, but for pre-teens, teenagers, and adults, the graphics need some significant improvement.

Likewise, content-wise, I would enjoy to see more history games added in the future. The science section could use some activities for older participants. The word video games could be a little more easy to use and instinctive.

Finally, I found a few wonderful games that teach about the branches of the government, but stumbled upon them by accident and had a difficult time discovering them again. This proved out for a number of other subjects also. You will discover a lot of surprises while clicking from one video game to the next, however a little structure could make whatever easier to find.


If you are trying to find a free site with discovering games for kids, then head on over to Sheppard Software’s site. After the kids have actually gotten their wiggles out on a balance bike or swing set, naturally.

The graphics might be a little outdated, however the games are enjoyable, make noise, and gently guide kids to the appropriate answer. It makes discovering fun!

Preteens, teens, and adults will not discover the games as interesting as apps on their phones or on other sites.

Either way, it’s a terrific site to find out and improve up some skill especially with the geography. This is the best location to learn the location of nations and even states for those who are geographically challenged.

In General, Sheppard Software is a fun site with a great cost, however it’s finest for kids.

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