Levana Baby Monitor (Review 2020)

About Levana Astra 3.5 PTZ Video Clip Child Monitor

With a Do Even More Recognizing Your Kid Is Safe tagline, and having actually remained in the marketplace for well over a years, Levana develops several of the most good video infant checks that money can get.

As well as although its units don’t execute better than the competitors, the efficiency of each display in the Levana series is fairly sufficient.

Levana Astra child screen is evidently the most pricey system in the series.

However with couple of functions, most of which aren’t as effective as what we have actually seen with the likes of Baby Optics DXR-8, I am not quite certain it’s really worth the asking rate.

The image quality isn’t as bad as what Lila gives, but it isn’t like what you would receive from the similarity Cocoon Webcam Plus, AXVUE, as well as HelloBaby 3.1.

Among the best things that I really do appreciate about this child screen, however, is the security facet.

As a parent, I can’t picture a prospective burglar potentially accessing my radio signals, in addition to speaking to my infant.

The Clear Vu technology, built-in to boost photo quality as well as safeguard the device from burglars, does offer you the confidence to make use of the device without fretting about cyber harasses.

Levana Astra Video Child Screen Testimonial

The De sign.

levana astra style.

There isn’t any type of big difference in between Astra as well as Lila. The style concept of the two units is more or less the exact same.

It takes much less than 10 minutes to set up the electronic camera, set it with the portable system, as well as examination out the video. This is essential, since you do not have the whole day to determine just how to pair the unit and also obtain it to work.

Astra features only one camera. However the system is expanding, so you can add up to three added video cameras and also check them at the same time. If you have just one child, one video camera should suffice. But if you would like to keep track of numerous rooms, then feel free to consist of the attachments for versatility and also benefit.

To add to the comfort as well as flexibility of this baby unit, Levana enables you to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera from another location to obtain a better, all-around view of your child’s area. In practice, you can readjust the electronic camera approximately 300 degrees flat and also up to 110 levels vertically.

Whether or not turning and also panning the electronic camera can create a whirling noise is something I can’t speak about here. Some individuals believe it could be loud, others argue that it works just fine. As such, it boils down to individual point of view.

Then there is the built-in 2X zoom attribute. While you might not utilize it typically, treat it as a great addition that can provide you detailed view of the baby crib.


In my view, the Levana Astra is a small renovation of the Lila, with a few advanced features not constructed into the previous.

While this implies much better efficiency, the two monitors operate essentially similarly.

From including multiple cam as well as controlling them from another location to playing lullabies for infant and soothing them with very own voice, Astra appears to have everything determined.

Other than not to a level where it would certainly make a leading area in video child screen series.


While Levana Astra includes a range of up 750 feet without barrier or signal blockage, sometimes it has a hard time to keep up to this assurance.

If the effective operation range were as consistent as advertised, this device would have quickly shown up in our list of the best lengthy range baby screens.

In technique, the optimum variety of this system appears to be someplace around 200 feet.

But if you aren’t handling too many solid blockages in the process, you ought to obtain fairly a decent insurance coverage without shedding the quality of the video feed or sound.

Another problem with this infant monitor is the absence of out of array alert. So it will be difficult to recognize if you are within variety or otherwise.


Levana Astra’s video clip quality is impressive as well as far much better than what Lila displays.

The video prey on the 3.5 PTZ screen does not have sharp, vivid shades throughout the day, however the photos displayed are still really clear.

The rate at which the images are displayed on the handheld unit is satisfying, so there’s almost no hold-up in rendering the video clips.

The camera in the child’s space has an integrated unnoticeable infrared LED, which makes seeing you kid in the evening possible, also in total darkness.

Like many infant keeps track of around, Astra does not provide you tinted images during the night.

As evening vision is based upon reduced light innovation, you will see your infant in black/gray (also known as black and also white).

You can also put the video camera 12 feet far from the baby crib (recommended) and the evening vision will certainly work simply fine.


levana astra audio.

When you make use of a baby monitor to connect with your kid on the occasion that you are far from their space, you intend to be able to hear them well.

Also, you desire them to hear your voice additionally without stressing. As such, you can not compromise on the audio quality of the device.

Astra’s stereo is quite efficient, so it should offer its objective rather well.

In fact, the audio quality of this system is just as good as various other monitors. And as long as you do not go beyond the efficient operation array, audio clearness ought to be stable.

The two-way communication is, specifically, among the best functions of this baby screen. You will certainly need it a great deal, maybe even regularly as your infant grows. And the functioning concept right here is quite basic.

When your child weeps, or makes an audio that seems to suggest that they require a moms and dad in their area, you simply push the microphone on the parent device and afterwards speak to your infant.

The method I recognize it is that the two-way talk attribute create a feeling of existence and also assurance.

It makes your infant feel safeguarded, because you are speaking with them from wherever you are around the house, as though you were right there with them in their area.

Battery Life.

The long battery life of Astra, to me, is the firm’s best marketing point.

You rise to 10 hrs of battery use on a solitary fee for continuous video feed as well as audio protection.

Some review sites recommend that Astra is a VOX baby screen, however it is definitely not one. Actually, the producer plainly mentions that the system utilizes PEEP setting, which is a special attribute that helps to extend battery life.

PEEP, additionally referred to as Power Reliable Pictures, is a voice-activated innovation that automatically turns both the cam as well as check off when there is no noise originating from the baby crib.

If your infant cries, or even makes nearly any kind of slight sound like a sneeze, both the video camera and also the moms and dad system turn back on to do their task.

The very best feature of the PEEP mode is that as soon as it is triggered, it can prolong the battery life of Astra by up to 48 hours.

Often Asked Concerns.

Can the Camera Run on Battery?

The video camera needs to be plugged-in to a power outlet for as lengthy as you want to make use of the monitor. It can not operate on battery.

Only the moms and dad system can operate on battery, offering up to two days of continuous video clip feed and also audio alert on a single cost.

Does the Moms And Dad Device Cycle In Between Added Electronic Cameras?

Levana Astra is developed as if it quickly cycles between one cam and the other at a provided time period.

Unfortunately, making use of more than one cam on this unit can as well as will certainly drain pipes the rechargeable battery.

So if you need a system that can work with numerous cams yet one monitor, it’s best to check out various other choices.

Can I Turn Off the Screen however Maintain the Audio on?

Sadly, you can not shut off the display yet keep the noise on, due to the fact that the video and also audio are made to function together.

Both shut off when there is no noise originating from the baby’s room.

As quickly as the kid talks or sobs, the video feed and also audio sharp immediately turns back on.

Can the Camera Display Temperature Level?

I want it had a temperature level sensing unit, yet it doesn’t have actually one developed right into it however.

If you just require to see your baby without worrying about the temperature level in their setting, Astra makes a great selection to make use of.

But if you additionally want to monitor the temperature in your baby’s area, after that you will need to look into the likes of Summer season Infant In Sight, Job Baby Room HD, and also the Philip Avent SCD570 DECT.

Where Can I Download And Install the Guidebook?

You can download a guidebook for Levana Astra video clip child display from right here.


Although the array isn’t occasionally secure, it is still good.

Astra supports remote frying pan, tilt, as well as zoom of the video camera.

You can include 2 electronic camera set if you intend to keep track of numerous spaces.

The Lithium-ion battery provides you as much as 10 hrs of battery life.

You can conveniently prolong the battery life to as much as 48 hours on PEEP mode.


It is not feasible to utilize the camera frying pan attribute when focusing.

The A/C cord is quite brief. This is a large problem for individuals that want to wall surface mount the camera greater on the wall surface.

Camera can not run on battery, it needs to be connected in throughout.

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