Best Infant Car Seat 2019 [Buying Guide]

While traveling with your baby safety is of the utmost importance and that’s why you’ll need a safe and reliable car seat.

As a mom I’ve had several different car seats, and also been able to see and use a few that my sister had bought, so I can safely say that I have a lot of experience with using infant car seats.

When choosing a car seat, there are several things you’ll need to look for, and above all else you will need to analyze the safety features.

Having fancy options is all great, but the most important aspect of any car seat is safety, which should then be followed by comfort. If a car seat can combine safety with comfort, then you have a winner.

I’ve listed four that I believe are the best infant car seats that are currently available.


Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

Safety was the most important and determining factor when I was deciding on which car seat to purchase and the Britax B-Safe with its side impact protection and five point harness ensures that your baby will be safe in the event of a crash. Therefore getting the Britax B-Safe was a no brainer for me when I made my decision.

Other features that I absolutely loved were the fact that it was light weight, easy to carry and latching it to the base was extremely easy.

This makes it very convenient when travelling from day care to doctor’s appointments to the grocery stores. Mums are always on the go so these are greatly needed features.

Another feature that caught my attention was the fact that there are four harness heights and two buckle positions.

This is great because as your child grows you just need to adjust the harness positions of the car seat and not have to worry about getting a new car seat for your growing child.


Graco SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat

You always hope you never have to be involved in a car crash, but if it ever happens you want to ensure the safety of your child.

That’s why I think the Graco SnugRide is a great choice for a car seat based on it being thoroughly tested in various crash environments. You want to go with a brand that believes in safety testing as it’s the most important factor when selecting a car seat for your child.

The fact that it also provided great comfort also weighed heavily when I chose this particular car seat for my baby. It had a very soft and plush head rest that appeared to be very comfortable, and it also provided great head support.

One point to keep in mind though is that this is a rear facing only car seat, so you cannot use this car seat for a child that weighs over 22 pounds. It is also very easy to install using a three position adjustable base.


Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base

The Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat is great for new born babies as it has an insert that helps protect them.

This insert is suitable for babies between 4 and 11 pounds. Once they have passed that weight range, you can then remove the insert and utilize the car seat without it.

My baby absolutely loved this car seat as it was very cushiony and cuddly. It can handle babies up to 30lbs, and includes energy absorbing foam that will help protect your baby in the case of an accident.

I had no issues installing this car seat as it was a simple process. It uses a simple push button option for base angling the car seat. The level indicators make sure you accurately have the seat at the right angle.

Finally, the one pull latch made it very easy to secure it, and that’s all it took. It was a simple three step process to get it installed. If I can install it, I’m pretty sure you can too.

I’m also not the only one in love with this car seat, as it was rated as the number one infant car seat in America. It’s also been featured in several magazines and maintains a very high rating on many of the shopping review websites.


Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 LX

The Graco SnugRide Classic Connect 30 LX is a great option for smaller babies due to the starting weight of 4 pounds just like the Chicco Keyfit 30.

It utilizes the standard energy absorbing foam for protecting your baby in the event of a crash and it also has been highly rated by many magazines that handle performance tests on infant car seats.

It’s a breeze to install, so there are no complicated setup instructions, and that’s what I truly loved about it. You’ll also like that it includes the infant body support option that you can remove after your baby gets a bit older.

Cleaning the car seat is also not a problem, since the seat cushion is removable and is machine washable. This makes it a very easy and simple process to always keep the infant car seat clean.

If you have the Graco Classic Connect stroller it also easily connects to it, so you can go from the car seat to the stroller with ease, making it highly convenient.

Overall it’s a great option, and you simply cannot go wrong by choosing any of these car seats. They all have the necessary safety requirements to ensure your baby is kept safe, and they also provide the comfort that your baby needs.


When deciding which one to go with, you can perhaps factor in price, since they all do have similar features, but remember that some do offer extra perks such as being able to connect to a stroller, which is a convenience feature.

You could also factor in the maximum weight allocated to each car seat as well when making your decision.

No matter which one you choose, I’m pretty sure you’ll be satisfied, these are all great choices for 2014.

What to consider before buying an infant car seat:

Most parents these days are faced with the dilemma of finding the right infant car seat for their child. There are a lot of things that need to be considered.

Primarily, there are three considerations of finding the best car seat for your child and this would include safety, correct fitting in your vehicle and fits your budget.

There are a lot of considerations when you try to find the best infant car seat for your child. One thing that you will need to think about would be the safety of your child. Here are some of the features that can contribute to the safety of the car seat for your child:

What Features to look for before buying an infant car seat:

• 5-Point Harness:

This type of harness is considered as the safest type. In fact, this usually gives the best fit and this also greatly reduces the chances of your child being ejected. There are varied designs with this type of harness and some are actually easier to use compared to others.

• Twist Free and Wide Straps:

There are some harnesses that have straps that are easily twisted. The twisted straps will reduce the restraints on a child in the car seat during a crash. With this, there is an increased risk of injuries.

• Two Piece Chest Clips:

This feature can actually reduce the twisting of the strap and are actually easier to use. In fact, this would make it rather difficult for the child to detach from the infant car seat.

• Adjustments for the Front Harness:

There are some types of car seats that have mechanisms in front for easier adjustment options. This can adjust the tightness of the harness.

A tight harness can actually increase ride down time as well as reduce the frontward movement of the head in a collision and this will also reduce the overall risk of injury.

• Built In Locking Clips:

There are some types of vehicles that need metal locking clips for the purpose of making sure that the seatbelts are able to hold the infant car seat properly and in place.

• Routing Path for the Seatbelt:

There are also some car seats for infants that come with routing paths for seatbelts for the purpose of easier installation in some vehicles.

• Infant Carriers That Come With Bases:

Most of the infant car seat designs today come with bases that can actually be installed separately. The base can actually be left in the vehicle while the carrier can be easily removed or installed back to the base even without the need to take the baby out of the harness.

• Size:

The size of the car seat for infants is also essential as there are infant car seats that are too large to fit in a vehicle. Basically, you will need to consider the size of your car and the area where you will be placing the car seat to make sure that you get the right size.

• Padding:

Another important feature that you should also consider would be the appropriate pads of the car seat. You will need to consider the pads for the comfort of your child.

There are also pads that can promote restriction but can become rather uncomfortable. You will need to weigh your options when considering this.

• Quality of the Car Seat:

The quality of the car seat should definately be considered as this will measure the durability of the car seat. This will also make sure that no incidents will occur due to faulty quality and design.

A good infant car seat should be made of good quality materials and should be able to deliver the purpose that it serves.

How To Choose The Best Baby Car Seat:

Travelling with a baby must not be taken lightly. Not only does it pose a lot of risks, it could also cause inconvenience to both the parents and the child.

Needless to say, travelling with a baby necessitates the adoption of several measures to ensure that they will remain comfortable and the parents will have a hassle-free car ride as well.

baby car seat was made to do exactly that. It keeps the baby safely and comfortably tucked in the back seat, while parents drive or travel at ease.

However, with the many baby car seats offered in the market today, the hard part is deciding what seat to buy. Of course, nobody wants to spend money on something that would cause inconvenience instead of expediency when used.

In choosing the perfect baby car seat for your baby, a number of factors must be considered. Some of the more important points are listed below.

It must have passed the Federal Crash Test

With the rising number of car accidents involving babies in the United States, it was made a requirement that before baby car seats are allowed to be sold in the market, they must first pass the Federal Crash Test to make sure that they are well within the safety standards required by law.

Once they pass, a certification will be issued to that effect. When buying your baby car seat, make sure you check for this certification so you can see for yourself if what you are buying is well within and above the standards.

It must fit properly in the car you are driving

Baby car seats come in many sizes. Some have add-on functions that make it even more bulky. In choosing your own seat, although it would help if the one you’ll be deciding on has some additional features that makes traveling with your child even more convenient.

It must still be your first consideration that the seat fits your car’s back seat perfectly. You must maintain enough space for you to move around back there, especially when you have other kids to travel with too.

It must be easy to install and detach

Another thing that your baby car seat must have in order to ensure one hundred percent convenience is it must be easy to install and detach. What you do not want to have is that annoying experience of spending too much time putting the seat together before leaving and more time getting it out once you arrive at your destination.

Here is an article from about proper car seat installation

The Right Fit – Car Seat Installation

To best protect your child in a crash, car seats must be installed correctly. Did you know that 3 out of 4 car seats are not used correctly? Many factors play into car seat installation – type of car seat, type of vehicle, and method of installation.

Many parents get confused or frustrated when attempting to install a car seat. Don’t worry, that’s normal. But with the right information, car seat installation doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Once you find the proper car seat for your child, based on your child’s size and the right fit for your particular vehicle, you can determine the best way to install the seat

It must not be too big or too small for your baby

It’s not enough to choose a baby car seat that would fit your car. The most important consideration is that it must be perfectly sized to match the height and weight of your child.

Your baby’s head must be perfectly rested and protected from any sudden impacts. The belts must not be too tight or too loose,  and the baby’s feet must not be freely dangling around. Unwanted accidents like bruises and fractures can sometimes occur due to an ill-fitted car seat.

Car seats can work for or against your welfare and that of your child. The crucial part therefore is the choosing of the perfect baby car seat that would deliver maximum protection, safety and convenience. All the tips mentioned will assist you in choosing the best product to fit your needs.

Safest Car Seats

What you should consider when looking for the safest car seats for your children.

Usually, parents ask which are the safest car seats in the market today? Basically, the safest is always the one that can perfectly fit in your car and in your budget; and of course, it should fit your baby safely every time he or she rides in the vehicle.

When it comes to choosing the safest car seats, keep in mind that your child’s safety should always be on top of your priorities. Aside from the various characteristics that a car seat should possess, it is important to think about its safety features. The following conditions should be considered to determine the safest car seat for your baby.

The Safest Car Seats must have a sufficient restraint system:

The safest car seats are those with a five-point harness system. This feature includes straps that go over the shoulders, the upper thighs or the hips and in between the legs that connect in order to create a durable restraint system, which will prevent your child from slipping or moving too much while traveling or in the event of an accident.

This system has been proven in car racing for many years as the safest. It is also important to opt for a system that uses a buckle instead of a clip in its shoulder straps because buckles are more difficult to disentangle.

LATCH system:
This is a uniform system for the installation of car seats that stabilize the seat and lessen the possibility of head injury. This system allows the use of car seat a lot easier because it can be installed without using the seat belts of your car.

It also guarantees that the car seat is installed properly and attached into your car all the time and cannot cut loose especially during an accident.

Impact protection:
The safest car seats should have impact protection elements to ensure that your child is safe in the event of an accident. It must include wings that can protect the sides of the legs and head of your baby.

When the car seat is in a rear-facing position, it must be installed in a manner that the sides and the back protect the child from all directions. To make sure that the protection features of the car seat are in full force, installing the seat at the right angle is essential.

Usability features should also be considered when purchasing car seats. This way, you will be able to use the car seat continuously, providing you benefits through the years.

Support: It should provide enough support for your child and ensure that he/she is maintained in a position where the baby can breathe properly and move freely without slipping.

Belt adjustments: Make sure to look for a car seat that includes a center-pull strap because this lets you tighten the straps conveniently and easily from the front instead of the back. This is very useful when adjusting the belt for various types of clothing that you baby wears.

Comfort: It is important that your baby stays comfortable while in the car seat especially during long trips. The material of the seat must let proper air circulation and should have enough head support and padding.

It should not be too small for your child and must not strain your child’s muscles. You can find some models with cup holders, adjustable armrest and detachable pillows.

Washability: It is quite normal for babies and young kids to be messy so expect that the car seat will be dirty most of the time. This is the reason why it is essential to choose a model with a detachable and washable cover for easy cleaning.

 How to find the safest car seats:

With the hundreds of car seats available today, it can be quite difficult to find the one that can provide safety and comfort to your child. Here are some tips that can help you in purchasing a car seat. 

Looking at various reviews online can be helpful in finding the safest car seats for your baby. You can find tons of reviews on the internet so make sure to read those from reputable sources.

It is also recommended to ask for recommendations from family and friends who have experienced using car seats. This way, you can know more about the safest car seats and the process of installation, how the cleaning is done and the comfort level they provide.

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