How to Declutter Your Home Fast (5 easy steps)

Ring, ring! Aw, unexpected company at the door! What are you going to do? The house is a mess with all your clutter and you are afraid of what others might think of you. You are not alone in this dilemma and there is way out. You can learn how to declutter your home fast. It is not impossible, you just need a little help.

Everyday, people, just like you, wake up and realize that they have too much clutter and do not know how it came to be. You are not a messy person. You try to keep a nice home. One day it just seemed to be everywhere. What happened? Life is what happened. We all accumulate stuff as we move through our lives, collecting mementos, souvenirs, photos, books, clothes, electronics, etc. and when we upgrade our lives with newer things or more keepsakes, we forget to clear out the old stuff. We like to hang on to our stuff. The problem is that all our stuff becomes clutter, which creates stress and unhappiness.

So let’s start out with some simple steps to clear out the clutter.

1. First choose just one room to start decluttering. Trying to do your whole house or apartment will seem too daunting, so limit yourself and your expectations. Success will be much easier that way.

2. Pick up all the trash, broken items and things that can easily be thrown away. That includes junk mail, newspapers, pens and pencils that don’t work anymore, clothes that you have outgrown, things that you have that you didn’t even know you had and have no use for. Be brutal with your decisions. If there are items that serve no use and you have forgotten you even had them, then it is time to toss them.

3. Now go through and start putting things away in their proper places and clean as you go along. If you have clothes lying around your office, kitchen, dining room, etc., they need to be hung up, put in drawers or thrown away. As my mom use to say, “Everything in its place. If it doesn’t have a place it is a waste!”

4. Now pause and look around at how much you accomplished with just these first 3 steps. Give yourself a pat on the back, but DO NOT STOP NOW! You now need to start looking for things that are no longer relevant to your life and decide to either toss them, give them away or donate to a charity / thrift store. My personal rule is that if I have not used the item in the past year, I do not really need it.

5. Now, you will be left with things that you need to keep or do not want to throw away. But you don’t want them cluttering up your space. This is when you can start putting things away in boxes for storage or sort for selling at a garage or boot sale. Only keep things that you really, really need to keep. You are not interested in just moving your clutter to a new place, which have to be uncluttered.

There is a right way to declutter your home [] fast, especially if you use a system that works and has lasting results. Get the right system and you will soon feel more relaxed and be able to better enjoy your home. If you want to learn more tips and ideas on how to reduce the clutter in your home.

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