How to Make a Medical Face Mask (Easy Way)

How to Make a Medical Face Mask? In this detailed step-by-step guide you are going learn how to sew a medical face (the right way).

Organizations all over the US are calling on sewers, sewists, people with stitching machines to assist create handmade masks to help address the coronavirus scarcity. This DIY surgical face masks pattern is free and has 3 versions! While you’re caught in isolation or quarantine, here are three approaches to make a scientific face masks to block germs and sew a few desirable! This publish may even help you find a place to donate home made pandemic mask.

There is proof that those masks do NOT paintings in addition to PPE clinical masks so there has been debate on whether or not or not those are wanted. In conditions like an epidemic, something is better than nothing, and consistent with the CDC’s Crisis Capacity Strategies home made mask can be worn. It is my desire that those mask don’t turn out to be on the frontline of the pandemic, however with any luck will loose up a few mask from different regions in healthcare so that the scientific grade surgical masks can be used for treating COVID-19 sufferers.

I additionally desire that a laugh, vibrant styles and displaying we care will uplift nurses, doctors and frontline healthcare workers as they paintings tirelessly against this virus. A little morale raise is a candy way to expose healthcare people we care. And an hobby will help us all sense better about staying at domestic! Please live at domestic and stitch- we don’t get this possibility frequently!


When stitching a homemade face masks, please use a very good quality tightly woven cotton, which include a quilting cotton. Also please make certain to wash and dry your material on hot/high before you narrow out portions and begin sewing (washing with bleach is probably also a very good idea).

There are plenty of face masks patterns online, however those are the ones I have visible hospitals and the organizations linking to. If you work via an corporation, take a look at to look in the event that they direct you to a selected pattern or require specific substances. If you will be donating regionally you can see if the company you’d want to donate to has a preferred masks sample. If not, you could use one of the patterns below:

NOTE: It has gotten very hard to locate elastic at this factor, so I even have marked with an asterisk * the styles below that use straps in place of elastic. Most of the styles use bias tape for straps. You should buy bias tape, but it’s truly quite smooth to make your very own from the equal fabric you are the usage of to make the mask (and this is most advantageous due to the fact then it will likely be a hundred% cotton).

*This link is to a video tutorial that Million Mask Mayday has known as “the right mask layout”. It uses straps in place of elastic, has a pocket for a filter out to be brought, and includes (non-obligatory) cord to form over the nostril. This appears to be a VERY GOOD choice for a sample, despite the fact that you will want to test with anyplace you are donating to peer if they need the cord delivered or now not.

The Turban Project/Deaconess Mask This face masks pattern changed into designed by using the Turban Project and has been shared via Deaconess Health Systems as a part of their plea for humans to start stitching mask. This mask is extraordinarily easy to sew – it begins with a rectangle of cloth this is pleated to mimic a surgical mask and uses elastic that goes around the ears. At the hyperlink you’ll find a video showing you a way to make it. I’ve already made a few of those and when you have a few sewing enjoy you’l

This mask is so nifty and you could make it in 5 to ten minutes easy and you could make quite some because in this point in time protection is of paramount importance and with all the matters we have been hearing about the spread of contamination, there are always reasons to be organized. However, if there is a scarcity of regular mask, I’m speakme the paper kind you would locate at Home Depot, no longer complete-on respirators and the like, you may simply use a piece of fabric to make a transient disposable masks.

These mask may be used to save you sawdust or family dirt from stepping into your air passages whilst you’re operating or for light use in other areas and they’re disposable and you could make as many as you want from small sections of fabric. Note, a masks of this kind isn’t a medical-grade mask and not a respirator mask so no one is making any claims here about using it for those functions. This mask is right for someone who wishes a piece of light safety in a pinch if not anything else is available. Also, you could make approximately 25 to 35 mask out of a yard of material, so it’s a superb manner to deplete your old scrap material and build up a little stockpile on the equal time.

This is a tremendous approach, I made a group of them. So can you are making your own face masks from cloth? Yes, you guess. They will now not filter as many airborne particles as the N95 respirator that clinical workers use and a few people had been able to get their arms on. However, they may help a bit bit, and can honestly help in reminding us no longer to touch our faces, that’s a first-rate trouble in terms of spreading the coronavirus and different insects.

I even learned a way to make DIY hand sanitizer, too. Turns out you simply want some components to make your very own at home. If you can find the products in shops proper now, making your very own is virtually an option. There is even a version of home made hand sanitizer without rubbing alcohol if you choose that version or can’t find this form of alcohol to shop for.


Homemade face masks should in no way be considered a better or similar choice to medical masks which include the N95. However, because of masks shortages across the united states of america, the CDC has issued new steering:

In settings where facemasks are not to be had, HCP [health care professionals] may use selfmade masks (e.G., bandana, headband) for care of patients with COVID-19 as a remaining lodge. Link to supply

The CDC cautions that the effectiveness of home made masks isn’t absolutely acknowledged; however it appears that hospices, care centers, first responders, and many others., are interested in having whatever protection a home made face masks offers whilst different options are not to be had. A movement has started, with exclusive companies running to coordinate volunteers who will make face masks at home to donate to individuals who need them maximum.

Please observe that some corporations are inquiring for masks with a pocket for filter can be inserted (there are  styles for this connected under). Please determine what organization you’ll be donating to and check for his or her precise necessities.

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