Best Baby High Chair 2019 [Buying Guide]

A baby’s high chair generally has a frame and a seat that is attached with a footrest and safety belt.

They exhibit different designs; some are wooden, metal, plastic or other options. High chairs have evolved from their traditional characteristics to modern features.

The most salient features to consider for a baby’s high chair include the crotch post, seat adjustments, restraint system, the wheels, tray, and toys along with how easy it is to fold it.

Of all considerations, safety is the most essential. You need to guarantee safety for your baby and that is why the safety harness or restraint system is a crucial factor. A safety harness ensures that your child does not slide, slip, fall or possibly climb out.

The crotch post is designed to prevent the child from slipping through the tray. This is different for various models but it is essentially created using the bottom of the seat, the sides and the tray.

These are fixed centrally to the crotch, complying with the ASTM safety standards. The post serves alongside the safety harness to enhance the general security of the child once seated on the high chair.

Seat adjustment forms a key element of a high chair. It enables the chair to be adjustable to different height positions depending on your preference. When not fixed to some point, you can easily choose an appropriate height for the baby.

While some high chairs have numbered height positions, others have audible clicks that provide assurance once the correct height is determined. It is harmless to adjust the height of the chair with the baby inside but it is not advisable to adjust the angle with the baby inside.

This is to ensure that you avoid accidents. The chairs may recline when the child falls asleep but this position should not be used while feeding so as to prevent chocking incidents.

Fold ability is an essential feature that enables easy storage in a room with limited space. Modern chairs may have a latching system that stops accidental folding with the baby still inside. Other high chairs have a lock to maintain its folded position that also ensures their security.

High chairs with embedded toys engage the baby to play. The toys may be attached to the bars or tray. It is recommended that you do not attach strings or cords as they are strangulation threats to the child.

Most of the inbuilt toys are designed to comply with the standard toy safety standards. They should always be cleaned and disinfected as they may be bacteria breeding zones as the baby continues to play with them.

Seat covers or upholstery is amongst the best features. Many models have covers that can be manually cleaned by a simple wipe or even removed for thorough cleaning.

Choose the preferred cover that is easier to clean and maintain. Sometimes the baby may tear or peel off pieces which can induce chocking. Proper maintenance prevents such occurrences to ensure your child’s safety.

Some of the best baby high chairs include:


The Graco Blossom Four In One Seating System was created to handle the needs of your child as it grows. It can easily be adjusted and used in four different ways which include, an infant booster, along with a toddler booster.

You can also transform it into a youth chair as well, but it starts out initially as an infant chair. With the ability to accommodate a baby and a toddler at once, it can be used with a regular table.

 Removable tray that is dishwasher safe for quick, hassle free cleanup.
 Easily convertible from high chair to toddler booster, infant feeding booster or even youth chair.
 6-point height adjustment for easy positioning around a table.
 Can be used to accommodate two children simultaneously.
 3-position adjustable footrest for comfort.
 Infant body and head support ensures comfortable feeding position.
 Seat pad which is removable and can be washed in a washing machine.


The Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair is a modern and compact high chair that is able to fit into tight spaces, hence the “Space Saver” being part of the name.
 Essentially fits in smaller places in the kitchen or around dining table.
 Saves space without compromising its high chair size properties.
 Can be converted from newborn to infant high chair and a booster seat as the child grows.
 3-position recline and height for convenient accommodation.
 Tray is removable and dishwasher safe.
 Seat pad can be either wiped or machine washed.


The Graco Simple Switch Highchair and Booster is designed for use across different infant ages as the baby grows. It is easy to operate and ensures an infant’s security and comfort.
 Machine washable seat pad for easy cleaning.
 5 point harness for the baby’s security.
 Utilizes a three position reclining seat and footrest for proper positioning.
 built-in storage area.

Choosing any of these three baby high chairs will provide your baby with the safety it needs while eating at the table. Each are reliable, high quality, and the best rated for 2019.

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